Fatcat imprint 130701 released 05/10/2018 

Haned kadunud





Kuud kuulama

Kurb laulik

Miniature C

Une meeles

Muunduja is a release that relies heavily on gesture and spirit. A strong feeling of total autonomy also guides the tiller. 

“an album of gently haunting vocals and electronica. Recommended” The Guardian

“an utterly spellbinding piece of music… beautiful, beautiful sounds from Estonia” Mary Anne Hobbs

“by God, it’s entrancing… a bravura exercise in creating a sound that advances on all fronts… the music drags you into liminal states, dives deep into the imagination’s netherworld, or creates gloriously transcendent sonic interfaces that could, still, dissolve in the blink of an eye… Muunduja is widescreen in nature, it is stuffed full of cinematic music… one of the records of the year.” Quietus

“one of the most intriguing releases of the season… Their sound ranges from folk expression to electronic bursts, from instrumental lushness to vocal lullaby, drawing pleasant comparison to Dead Can Dance.” A Closer Listen

“mesmerising… sees her dive further into a netherworld of future-past visions, loops and general electronic wizardry” Drowned In Sound

“a new language, one that uses slippery melodic lines and sleepy drones to create slipstreams between epochs, as well as dreamy connections that snap into place like new neurons” Noisy